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Knowing some of these things beforehand could help you to avoid some serious problems or conflicts later down the road.

When dealing with Italian men there are some common characteristics that you should familiarize yourself with.

The Way to a Man’s Heart is through His Stomach While many American women don’t want to be a slave to her man in the kitchen, Italian women know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Italy, of course, is one of the most food-centric nations in the world; and not only about eating, but about enjoying a good meal.

Cooking, conversing, and, yes, savoring their delicious cuisine.

While eating, Italians talk about their next meal and their previous meals. And whether or not a man is a foodie, more often than not, he does love to eat.

While Italy is well known for its food, art, and scenery, it’s not exactly a secret that Italian men have a reputation for being some of the most romantic in the world.

One of the more interesting aspects of keeping up this blog is seeing what people search (in Google, Yahoo or whatever) that gets them to An Italian-Canadian Life.

There’s been quite a few people who search for Italian-Canadian “wedding” or “dating.” It made me raise an eyebrow – it’s a topic I didn’t expect.

While each family is unique, there’s certainly a few things I can recognize as typical of Italian-Canadians (as tongue-in-cheek as this is! You won’t meet his or her family for a little while. Whatever you don’t eat, don’t worry, will be packed up for you to take home.

Italian-Canadians generally don’t bring anyone home unless there’s something serious going on in the relationship. Also, when you are asked if you want more, don’t bother saying “no thank you”, these words have been blocked out from all Italian’s ears – it’s a hereditary thing.4. You don’t just miss cousin Francesca’s confirmation because you are busy. You stay quiet during the church and you stuff yourself at the dinner.

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While it’s not a competition, women around the world have different insight into the opposite gender.

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