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The blog is intended to be a public forum where anyone can discuss forensic related topics, exchange ideas, and network with other forensic science professionals.The Virginia Institute of Forensic Science and Medicine is interested in knowing what type of training programs you would like to see in the future.

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His pediatrician thought otherwise and was proactive enough to refer me to my county’s infants and toddlers program where Caden received occupational, cognitive and physical therapy once a week.

This progressed and Caden would make small improvements, but not substantial enough that the program therapists recommended he see a Developmental Pediatrician, who evaluated him and then referred us to a Geneticist. I looked back at my husband’s family history and mine and we had no sign of any abnormalities or genetic problems. Caden looks normal and for the most part acts normal.

It started when Caden was nine months old and wasn’t reaching certain milestones such as sitting up or crawling.

He had always been a ‘back-baby’ and not a ‘tummy-baby’ and I figured he lacked some of the upper body strength because he never wanted to be on his stomach.

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